Prodigal Management

Prodigal is a full service sports and entertainment agency based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The senior staff at Prodigal has over 100 years of experience managing sport and entertainment events and teams.


Sports & Event Management

Prodigal can assist your organization in a number of different aspects for sports and special events

Whether it’s producing the entire event, helping with specific features, or providing operations support, Prodigal has the experience and talent to help produce a successful result.

Sponsorship Sales

Prodigal’s organizational chart includes two award winning senior level executives who have sold millions of dollars in both sponsorships and tickets.

Supporting the executives are a multitude of experienced sales executives that will work to fill your venue and create value for your sponsor partners.


Our vast and diverse experience places Prodigal in a position to realize the trends and uncover opportunities that affect your current and future business.

Working under the basis of a per project template, we pride ourselves on a results based and “client led/partnership” arrangement. This approach results in effective strategies and profitable turnkey solutions.

Sports and Event Management
Sponsorship Sales
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